“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

― Jim Morrison

You long to be wild and free.
To live a life fully expressed.
But you don’t.

Because you fear
It is the animal within you.
You cannot predict when it will rear its head.
Fear specializes in the element of surprise
And it is really good at paralyzing and rendering you useless

We are all the same

We fear silly things like snakes, spiders and the dark
We fear more personal things like rejection
Being alone,

We even fear the unknown
and being free
Having to start again

But all fear really is, is the perception of loss.
And this perception has been ingrained in us from birth.
Carefully scripted.

But in each and every moment, there exists the possibility of both loss and gain.
Yin and Yang.

Fear is opportunity dressed in an ugly disguise.

Which one you look at will ultimately determine what happens next.

You see apart from death, nothing is permanent
Yes – fearing death is wise.
You would be stupid not to.

But fearing everything else is imprisonment.

You fear failure
But you do not see that failure is also a lesson

You fear rejection
But you do not see the power of self discovery

You fear unemployment
But you do not see the freedom that comes from self determination

Yes the loss will be real.
Yes it will hurt.
But it is never permanent.

Unless you allow it to be.

And that all depends on what you chose to look at.