Pause for a moment and ask yourself this question.

Are you creative?

Can you draw?
Can you dance?
Can you sing?
Can you make music?

Our education and social systems install a very limited understanding of the concept of creativity. We go so far as give this creativity a special name.

The Arts.

And so creativity and being artistic become synonymous. It is therefore likely that you answered my question as “No”.

And in one answer, due to a single classification, almost all of the genius that is in you and in humanity is lost. You see the true concept of what it means to create is powerfully simple.

It means to “bring into being”.

Previously there was nothing but now there is something. And we can all do that. We do it every day without thinking.

Every word you choose.
Every system you organize.
Every heart you touch.
Every thought you generate.

You create.

And it is as natural as breathing.

Every single moment of every day is filled with the potential of limitless possibility and YOU get to choose what to create in that moment.

So what will you do with that power?

Will you master your creativity to generate impactful value or will you squander it on making noise?

Choose wisely. The world needs what you have to create.