I am a Human Strategist, Business Speaker and Global Strengths Evangelist.


I believe that if every person can discover their natural talents, welcome and embrace the journey towards mastery and seek to create value in the world around them, in even the smallest of ways, that the world will be a better place.

Each person just has to be 1% better than they were the day before and the world will change for the better. I reveal to the world the secret to creating this change.

I help people discover their “Why?”.

Then I help them fit their “Why” into the context of their everyday lives to generate functional and capital value. All my work is ultimately centered around generating economic benefit through helping people become more effective at an individual, team and enterprise level.

I speak. I envision. I start. I build. I connect. I consult.

So what challenge can I help you with?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau

I speak.

As a professional Business Speaker, I seek to engage and inspire my audience to see their individual potential and the world in which the live and work differently.

My motivational presentations are informative, humorous and engaging and are well suited to end of year events, team builds and conferences where you wish to provide the audience with something constructive to think about while leaving them feeling inspired and invigorated.

Motivational Keynotes:

Confidence, Capability and Capes | Why the world needs you to be you.

Mindset Matters | The Art of thinking bigger than your reality

The 5 keys to success | keys steps to building a remarkable career

I Love Mondays |  Finding meaning in the work we do

My executive keynotes are thought leadership presentations aimed to stimulate healthy debate to drive greater productivity in teams and enterprises.

Executive Keynotes:

The Talent Drought | Why companies need to grow their own talent

The Talent Code | Understanding and Unlocking competence

The Trust Triangle | Understanding the critical currency of trust


I envision.

As a Human Strategist, I like to help people map the way ahead for their lives so that they can fetch their future with confidence. I am not a traditional coach. I envision. I help you Strategise. I use the Clifton StrengthsFinder® to help you identify your natural Talent and to understand your current context. I then help you see the possibility in your life and come to appreciate the future that is rightfully yours. Sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype.


Executives | Professionals | Graduates | Students | Couples

I start.

As an accidental Entrepreneur, I seek opportunities to initiate enterprise that will connect great people to great ideas. I develop awesome Strategy, design powerful process and then connect confident people. It is as business was always intended to be.

I have started a consultancy called HeadSport that seeks to assist sportspeople and coaching staff to understand their intrinsic decision making nature and the implications this nature has on the way the play and coach. I have developed an innovative method of driving team engagement and the development of an optimal team climate. I am currently working with John Mitchell and the USA Eagles Mens Rugby Squad (15’s).

| Headsport |

As a Creative, I have created and developed online resources to support personal growth and development in the pursuit of building individual confidence. StrengthsEngage is the world’s first online teaching resource for Gallup’s Strengthsfinder®. It uses the power of targeted questions to facilitate a deep level of learning and insight. My Strengths App provides easy access to understanding the 34 Signature Themes that the StrengthsFinder® identifies.


StrengthsEngage | My Strengths App

As a Consultant, I have established a recognised Management Consulting Group that equips business to leverage the talent within their business to optimise their profitability. This includes Business Strategy, Talent Development and Engagement, Inter Personal Communication Dynamics, Manager Training and Recruitment. It is all about building confident businesses. Human Strategy Consulting | StrengthsFinder® Coaching | StrengthsFinder® Training (Manager & Coaching)

I connect.

As a proud South African, I seek to empower the next generation to become the confident industry leaders this country needs. My latest initiative, TalentTribe, seeks to select, train and empower future Graduates of Finance to play key leadership roles within the Banking and Financial Services industry. We prove a comprehensive process that ensures future success. Watch this space!

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